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At Spherics we do things differently

We’re building a people-positive business. We recognise the unique individuality and 'super power' of every employee. We’re building a high trust workplace where everyone and everything is open, and decision making is encouraged at all levels.
All company decisions are made with the natural world as a primary stakeholder.

At Spherics we strive to be


We need to embrace bold new ideas and drive forward solutions that can be replicated and scaled.


We treat people with respect and empathy. We are transparent about our problems and our progress.


We pursue real, quantifiable carbon reduction through science, not speculation. The power of data guides us.


The beauty and wonder of the natural world inspire and drives us.


Our products and services are highly technical, but what sets them apart is their simplicity.

Who are we?

We’re a team of social entrepreneurs, data-driven analysts, carbon experts, tech nerds, and award-winning creatives and collaborators.

We are distributed across Europe, but our beating heart is in Bristol, UK.

George Sandilands

Co-founder & CEO
Bristol, UK

"We started Spherics to respond to the climate and ecological emergency. An estimated 200 species a day are becoming extinct, extreme weather events are escalating on an unprecedented scale. Business as usual is killing life on our planet. Small businesses are responsible for a significant proportion of global emissions, but lack the resources, tools and solutions to reduce or remove these emissions. We’re here to change that."

Ciaran Wood

Co-founder & CTO
Morzine, France

“The world is facing an ecological crisis and we all have to do our part to help. I co-founded Spherics with an ambition to use my skills and experience to help build the tools businesses need to make a difference.”

Mike Chatziapostolou

Co-founder & COO
Bristol, UK

“The natural world is facing pressures from human influence that present an existential threat to all complex life on our planet.  There is only one Earth and our future depends on protecting it.  Business as usual is no longer an option and that's why we have created Spherics.”

Jacinta Magee

Chief Financial Officer
Bristol, UK

"I’m particularly passionate about Spherics, not only because of the opportunity to help fight climate change but also from having been on the other side of the table as a CFO struggling to find a way for companies to report, monitor and manage carbon emissions."

Saara Benfield

Head of Customer Success
Bristol, UK

"After living in different parts of the world growing up, I understood that we are all connected. This led me to a degree in Environmental studies (joining all the dots as a mature student), and I am incredibly excited to combine this passion with my recent experience in customer success. Getting to Net Zero is going to take everyone working together and bringing businesses round with an automated tool that makes starting the journey simple is a real privilege."

Dan Lewis

Head of Product
Bristol, UK

Spherics goals and mission resonates with me. Anything I’ve been involved with has always had an ethical drive & approach behind it. Spherics are trying to help solve a global problem that impacts everyone. As a product person this is a huge challenge that requires innovation & an opportunity in my role to impact something way bigger than myself.

Marina Traversari

Chief Operating Officer & Investor
Bristol, UK

"Spherics is tackling the greatest threat humanity has ever faced - the climate emergency. We can’t tackle something if we don’t fully understand our impact on it. Spherics takes a scientific approach to helping companies to quantify and address their carbon footprint. It’s a cause I passionately support and it’s exciting to be part of a company using technology and science to address it.”

Duncan Oswald

Head of Climate Science & Investor
Fife, Scotland

"In 25 years of environmental consultancy, Spherics is the only company I have encountered which has developed a solution to get enough business on track to net zero quickly enough. This changes everything. When they asked me to help ensure that it was scientifically robust, I jumped at the chance."

Conrad Langridge

Head of Marketing
Bristol, UK

"For me, Spherics is a dream place to work. I can't think of a more rewarding company to support than one which helps business owners understand their environmental impact, to ultimately drive positive change. The cherry on the top of the vegan cake has to be the amazing team behind the scenes, such a great group!"

Cornell Campbell

Head of Sales
Western-super-Mare, UK

"I am grateful for the opportunity to join Spherics as Head of Sales, on our journey to changing the world we live in, and contribute to a far more meaningful career focus, with a topic that is close to all, in our team; protecting and preserving our planet for the up and coming generations to come."

Cameron Stone

Product Manager
Bristol, UK

"'Making a difference’. A phrase commonly used by businesses and people alike; however, one that I can finally say with confidence about my new role at Spherics. Not only does the product provide a tangible route to understanding our environmental impact, but ethical and environmental practices are part of the company's core values. With an educational background in Zoology I am delighted to be able to combine my passion for environmental conservation with my product experience and cannot wait to see what the future holds for Spherics!"

Emma Cain

Head of Design
Hertfordshire, UK

“Whilst volunteering on a conservation project in Sri Lanka, I witnessed first hand the struggles nature is facing. The world possesses so much beauty and I believe we should all be doing as much as we can to protect it. Being a part of Spherics enables us all, collectively, to achieve this.”

Caroline Wilson

Senior Software Engineer
Buckinghamshire, UK

"Climate change is the defining crisis of our time. It affects us all and we must all share the responsibility to act. Spherics seamlessly enables businesses to find their path to net-zero. I’m proud to be part of a team helping steer us towards a better future."

Claire Cottis

Operations Manager
Bristol, UK

"As a Bristolian I've been raised in a city surrounded by inspiring sustainable organisations. It's a privilege working for Spherics, knowing our technology gives businesses the tools they need to make change for good. I'm proud to be part of a fantastic team where there is a greater purpose behind our work."

Paulina Stypinska

Senior Software Engineer
London, UK

It’s important to me to make a difference in the world. Spherics - a company that’s not only focused on improving our global future, but that also cares deeply about the present and its team - is a perfect fit. I’m delighted to be working alongside such brilliant people.

Jordan Edrich

Research and Marketing Exec
London, UK

“Growing up in the countryside, I experienced first hand the value of nature and the importance of protecting it. As climate change became more and more apparent, I was inspired at university to learn about its impacts on people and the planet. I have the privilege of being part of Spherics, where I get to work to make a difference.”

Simon Forsyth

Environmental Lead
Bradford on Avon, UK

“Around two-thirds of a carbon footprint is emitted producing the goods and services we purchase - but that typically gets ignored because it’s the most difficult part to calculate. So when I realised that Spherics were planning to go straight at that bit, and rather cleverly, I just had to pitch in.”

Strategic Advisors

We’re lucky enough to be surrounded by a wealth of expert advisors, who continue to guide us in building and scaling our product, to radically accelerate the journey to net zero for millions of businesses.

Charles Fallon


"Since planting a 2,000 tree mixed English deciduous woodland in 2004 I’ve been interested in ways to make a material impact to reducing my carbon footprint. As an advisor and investor in the technology sector Spherics offers an opportunity to make a genuine impact across business, potentially on a global scale."

Roger Brown

Non-executive director

Board and Technology Executive for scale-ups with an emphasis on Go-to Market, Strategy and Product.Previously CEO and Founder of Peerius/Episerver now named Optimisely, successfully sold to AKKR.

Gavin Starks

Non-executive director

Co-founder and CEO of the Open Data Institute. Co-chair Open Banking global standard.Founder & CEO AMEE - venture backed climate tech startupNow building Icebreaker One, public-private funded non-profit start-up to build the data infrastructure needed for net zero.

Sophie Bidwell


Goldman Sachs alumna and PE investor turned digital transformation champion and disruption specialist. B Corp and purposeful business leader.

Anthony Tabor

General counsel

Commercial, General Counsel and Legal Advisor. Building value in our contractual relationships. Ex. senior solicitor Vodafone. Commercial Director Cisco Systems.

Natasha Mckenzie

Brand strategy

Ex M&C Saatchi Advertising Agency.Interim CMO for technology startups.

Jonathan Gaunt

Product advisor

Built and scaled financial software app Xavier Analytics, sold to Receipt Bank in 2020. Commercially focused Chartered Management Accountant. Specialist in fintech & digital integration.