Our methodology is underpinned by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol which forms the basis of almost all emissions reporting protocols and standards, e.g. TCFD, SBTi etc. Our expert team is continually reviewing and refining our methodology to ensure the calculation is as automated as possible & draws on the most accurate data sources available.

A methodology overview


Calculation methodology built to sit on top of your exisiting accounting infrastructure

Sage Earth connects with your accounting software, making use of previously reconcilled data to build your initial automated footprint.

Currently integrating with:


*We currently only integrate with Sage Business Cloud

Supplier name
Account name/code
(determined by your finance team)
Amount spent

Multiple external data sources underpin initial calculations

Spend data is combined with our extensive carbon intensity conversion factor database to convert amount spent into an estimated carbon dioxide equivalent.

This is known as the ‘spend-based’ method of estimating emissions, as defined by the GHG Protocol.


Adding additional data to build on the accuracy of the initial calculation

For some areas of the GHG emissions protocol, an activity based method is more accurate than a spend based method, such as employee commuting. At this stage, we ask a limited number of questions linked to your business activities.

Applying calculations

Applying defined carbon intensities to the economic value of goods and services is known as the ‘spend-based’ method of estimating emissions, as defined by the GHG Protocol.

Enterprise only

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