How Sage Earth works
for our enterprise customers

Get set up for success with our initial assessment

The Sage Earth team will work closely with you to help you better understand industry standards, and then to agree on what your business is looking to achieve.

Analyse existing data using our powerful software

We will access your data and run it through our cutting-edge carbon accounting software to show your emissions, identify hotspots and recognise areas where data accuracy needs improvement.

Improve emissions accuracy through supplier engagement

By onboarding your supply chain, industry conversion factors (carbon intensity) can be replaced by the primary supplier carbon intensity data, thus increasing the accuracy of your emissions calculations.

Report with confidence and continuously monitor progress

Communicate scope 1 & 2 goals internally, and set scope 3 external requirements. Automated data feeds from finance and suppliers allow you to accurately track progress over time.

Make data-led procurement decisions

Transparency through your supply chain’s emissions, allows you to compare suppliers based on GHG emissions, data quality and verified net zero commitments.