Record your footprint. Report your emissions.

A simple, plain language interface allowing you to quickly measure and report your emissions to your enterprise clients.

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* We currently only integrate with Sage Business Cloud

Four easy steps to compliance

Sync with your accounting software in a few clicks
We convert your data using carbon intensity factors and published datasets
Your Sage Earth dashboard is auto generated. Add activity data to improve accuracy
Share your data with your enterprise clients

Secure your place in the net zero supply chain


Quantify your carbon impact, quickly

See your carbon footprint in just a few clicks by connecting your accounting software
Save money by using our smart platform instead of expensive consultants
Comply with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Secure competitiveadvantage

Align yourself with your enterprise clients’ requirements to stand out from the competition and win business
Audit-ready reports for your shareholders, enterprise clients and employees
Communicate your progress in real time, dramatically cutting reporting costs
Future-proof your business against growing legislation

Understand and reduce your emissions

Understand your carbon footprint through helpful comparisons and contextual content
Set achievable science-based targets and track your performance against them
Make emissions reductions with our tailored guidance, specific to your business
Communicate your emissions reductions with confidence and avoid greenwash backlash

Your data is safe with us

We use trusted APIs from leading accountancy platforms.
We follow a data security protocol that meets GDPR and NCSC requirements.
We don’t store your bank account details - only data about your expenditure and transactions.

What other suppliers say...

Our partnership with Sage Earth is a key step in our journey towards net zero. Working with Sage Earth we will map our carbon emissions across not only our own operations but that of our supply chain. This is essential work to ensure we take the necessary action to decarbonise our activities and drive sustainability in all that we do.

Dr Jonathan Sims DBA MBA MSc BSc (Hons) FCIPS
Chief Procurement Officer EQUANS
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Enterprises need reliable data from which they can plan their decarbonisation journey. Data that are transparent, inform action and are reproducible. Sage Earth software helps companies to identify their carbon footprint and their major carbon sources from which effective mitigation actions can be implemented. Sage Earth offer high levels of confidence in the calculation of a carbon footprint from which effective decarbonisation actions can be planned and delivered.

James Longhurst
Assistant Vice-Chancellor: Environment & Sustainability
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The approach that Sage Earth have taken allows us to easily search and calculate portfolio risk analysis, even when data points are limited, which supports us in making climate-informed investment decisions, automating a process which would otherwise take significant time. The Sage Earth platform is of particular interest to BBB as it focuses in on the Small Medium Enterprises (SME) sector of businesses. This tool is valuable to support BBB’s mission on an ongoing basis.

Barry Murphy
Managing Director, Risk and Compliance
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From the work we’ve been doing since Cop26, businesses have been telling us they need a simple way of getting an understanding of their carbon impact. We felt that the Sage Earth proposition was the perfect solution for many of the SMEs within our network as it provides a benchmark measurement for their carbon footprint and we are proud to offer such a fantastic product to our members that is so affordable.

James Monk
Commercial Director
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With Sage Earth, environmental sustainability has never been so easy. I get reminded of what to do and when, it’s super intuitive.

Jack Corfield
Sustainability Lead
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We were drawn to Sage Earth by their open and collaborative principles. It was clear from the start that they are truly focused on helping businesses engage with the latest science-based standards and that transparency was exactly what we were looking for. Now, Sage Earth has become a trusted point of authority to us. It’s simple: they provide us with standard-compliant reporting information we can trust, quickly and easily.‍

Rich New
Client Service Manager
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Already got your own scope 1, 2 & 3 carbon emissions data?

If you already have robust climate data, you can share this with the Spherics climate science team. The data needs to be verified inline with industry approved methodologies.

Get your data verified by Spherics in order to gain “gold standard” rating and a higher data quality score. This verification may make your organisation more favourable in future procurement decisions.


See here for frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, visit our help centre or drop us a message.

Why should I use Sage Earth, and not commission a sustainability consultant?

Consultants can deliver excellent impact measurement and strategy, but often at a significant cost. Their manual approach is very thorough and involved, which often takes a large investment of time. This approach results in a one-off carbon footprint, rather than one that is updated in near-real time by a live accounting feed.

For this reason, a consultancy-led approach is not fit to meet the needs of the climate crisis at scale. Sage Earth applies the latest technology to support your business in growing its awareness of its carbon footprint at a fraction of the cost and time investment of a consultant.

Does Sage Earth produce carbon footprints that meet the requirements of the GHG Protocol?

All carbon footprints are compiled in essentially the same way: record all the things you do, measure the impact of each and add it all up. The methodology we use and the carbon calculations we carry out are always compatible with the standards laid out in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Sage Earth has come up with a pragmatic approach to carbon footprinting, which allows organisations to get started measuring their carbon footprint with easily available accounting data, and then coaches them to refine this with better data over time. We consider data to be better based on it’s: accuracy, completeness and specificity.

What is Sage Earth's approach to scope 3 emissions?

Scoping is a key carbon accounting concept that apportions an organisation's total carbon footprint between three categories. These categories are based on the degree of influence a given organisation has over the source of emissions. You can read more on scoping here.

As scope 3 emissions typically make up the majority of a business's carbon footprint, our approach is to allocate all of an organisation's carbon footprint to scope 3 by default, and subtract scope 1 and 2 from this. We think this approach is best to ensure all businesses are accountable for all their associated emissions by default, which is the only way we can limit warming to within 1.5℃.

Do you offer any live product demos?

Yes, we do offer live group demos and you can register your interest to join one of these at In the meantime, you can find a range of self-serve help documentation to support you (such as our demo video and other help guides) in our Help Centre.